Tuesday, October 30, 2007


until further notice - there is NO TEA TIME

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trunk Show Preparation

Thursday Oct. 11th


This bag you see has so much goodness in it!!! Oh my!

buttons, marbles, beads, bookmarks, a little ceramic dish, a window decal mandala, felty ballz, bath salts, a pencil and a mini Croq magazine...

We had a pot-luck table lunch - and a long discussion of the logistics of the show.

There are some major things we need to cover for the Trunk Show:
- Press Release: Aimee is helping us write this up
- booze rangling: Judi is helping to start a list of wine distributors we could maybe get wine from for the event - we may end up having to buy some there in NY - but we thought we go for the free stuff first - or maybe we can buy some local stuff that will be shipped to NY?
- Forum Promotions: we agreed that anyone that makes a forum promotion about the show should post in on Basecamp so that everyone else can rally and bump it up, keep em active and popular - this goes for treasuries too - announce it on basecamp so the rest of us can rally
- Article/PodCast for the Storque: if we are ever so lucky Aimee will be doing this for us (with her radio experience and bein a professional writer and all) THANKS AIMEE!
- PDXEtsy Sale Promotion in Etsy Shops: this is an opportunity for anyone on the team to get in on the promotions to bring in a few more sales - and we will be benefiting from the added hype! The thought is any shop that wants to participate will offer 20% during the week of the show (Oct 22-26) - Megan will be posting more details for this sale on the basecamp
- Online Give Away Contest: we will be doing some free give-aways before the show (of a few of the promotional bags we made up) - as contests online - we brainstormed maybe a "Where's Waldo" (where's Betsy!) kinda thing that could be advertised on the blog/websites/forums/storque...
- Portland Promotions: we are going to leave some PDXEtsy swag bags around town (maybe 5 of em - for instance one might get left in Powells books, one at OHSU - and someone inevidably will find it pick it up and check it out) with a clear note inside with all the goodies that says what we are doing and to check it out - so many Portlanders have East coast family - this will be fun! and maybe we'll just generate some more local hype about PDXEtsy - and we will advertise that we are doing this is... ALSO we will be sending out Press Release to some of the local media - just in case they care!!
- Media Gifts: there will be 2 filming crews (TV) and some magazines at the Halloween party (where we'll also be selling) and Etsy is making thank you bags... this is a great opportunity. AND as a team we are going to make up 2 special gift bags for the camera guys for the two filming crews. I'll tell ya - I've done a bunch of the morning show things here in Portland, and one reality TV show - and I must say that its consistently the camera man that is the one who comes back to take a class from me or buy something. The camera man is always watching, looking at what is cool. And the thank you gifts usually go to someone else on the crew - so we are going to make up 2 gift bags - that unless there is somebody better - the plan is to give these to the camera guys. So think about if you would like to contribute two samples from your business for this promotional opportunity - if not a few more for the Etsy bags, if we are so lucky :)

okay - sorry for any typos or confusion :)

SHIPPING: Don't forget to pack you bed! :)
monday Oct 15th - come by the glass studio any time between noon and 10pm to drop off what you need to be shipped. I will be numbering boxes and making a master list, and copies :) We all will be paying only for your individual shipping. If you work is good to combine in other boxes, by all means, come prepared. If you want to box it all up at home and come prepared, please do so!

At the moment the last thing I can think of is that I emailed Matt to ask him what the deal was with Sales Tax in NY - Ill get back to you all with the shizzy on that one!

We also talked about how there is going to be a lot going on the week we are there! Heres a schedule of events:

Monday, October 21st- Tuesday, October 23rd
In house design and production, open studio visits from 6:00pm-8:00pm both days

Wednesday, October 24th
Workshops online (http://etsy.com/workshop_main.php) and at the Etsy Labs:
* 3:00 - 3:45 : Collective Business Models and Creative Sustainable Business
* 4:00- 6:15 Sky Guy presentation and workshop
* 6:30-8:45: Reptilian costume workshop/Construction
* 9:00-? Parade on the streets of Downtown Brooklyn with reptilian costumes

Thursday, October 25th
Rug house at undisclosed public location.
All Day: Construction of Rug House
8:00 pm: Majestica enters Rug House for the night. Extended invitation for anyone to come to the rug house and meet Majestica and learn about Etsy.

Friday, October 26th
6:00 - 8:00 Northwest trunk show with Etsy's own Portland Street Team.
8:30: Screening of Rug house documentary as well as Nameless (ruffeo) music video.

Saturday, Friday September 27th

8:00 - 12:00: Majestica Performance experience at The Etsy Halloween Celebration, including: Anti Fashion Show, "The Zones We Put Ourselves In ; 1.1," Fantastical Puppet Rap Fashion Show including live drawing, gigantic puppet creations, back up dancers, sky guys and mayhem.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tea Time at Aquila

Tea Time - October 4th

We made beads at Aquila - we took over the torchworking table and had ourselves a good time!

Next week is the get together for NY EtsyLabs preparation! We are all stoked. The assembly line will be set up out at the Aquila studio - and we thought we'd make it POT LUCK so bring lunch stuff and 50 cool promos to put in PDXEtsy Swag Bags.

I believe we are also going to making up signs for the trunk show and possibly backdrops - come prepared to get crafty - and bring a lunch item - we're gonna be workin!

Heres the smiling ladies preparing to bead!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sept 27 - Tea Time in Laurelhurst Park

Sept 27th - the weather was great for an orange Etsy picnic!

We packed one little picnic table with all sorts of munchies and Etsiers.

present for tea: myself, Danielle, Lea, Jaynette, Judi, Aimee, Audrey, Fran and Kirsten

and Kana, Moose and Lolly (all beloved and very cute dogs) joined us as well! (sorry if I spelled any names wrong)

This time we had some carrots and apples to go along with all the brownies, cookies and popcorn - or and there was candy-corn (it is nearly October now, seems okay to indulge on candy-corn)

I must mention again that the weather rocked. We crafted, we chatted and we generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly until some leaf blowers came around and made a big dirt/dust storm... so we went our separate ways then to get back to work.

Usually I am taking all the pictures, but there was a moment Danielle grabbed the camera and got a few shots of me -I prefer being behind the camera - but occasionally there is evidence of my presence in the pictures :) Here I am showing off one of my little computer mobiles holding it up to the side of a cup - I was assembling some. In front of me you can see ziplock baggies of freshly baked cookies that Fran brought and homebaked brownies (with tofu so they were low in fat yet tasty just the same!) that Jaynette brought.

And then the last picture is of Aimee - her dogs pulled her over and it was just a great shot!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sept 20th - Field Trip!!!

Portland Oregon Tea Time
Thursday Sept 20th - 11am

FIELD TRIP to Portland Fixtures!
This local place is an awesome resource to our micro businesses! Portland Fixtures is dedicated to selling used and new retail equipment at the best prices possible. They are self-described as crazy and I think they are a truly fun place to shop!

Aimee(Newroticgirl.etsy) gave us all free samples of minty bath salts - umm yummy! Thanks!

A whole bunch of us met up (myself, bluejayecrafts, mmmfiber, urbana, tinymeat, curlygirlglass, spinnerin, misspurl, and newroticgirl) and had an afternoon field trip that rocked our socks! :)

Joanne from Portland Fixtures gave us a tour - two full buildings (I had previously only been in one!) crammed with retail fixtures of all kinds. What fun. I like the odds and ends section the best. This was the first time I walked thru that section without buying something - patted myself on the back! They have everything....
We went out to Bakery Bar around the corner to continue to chit chat etsy and have a nice little lunch, but not without wandering the warehouse for a while... they just have everything... including hulahoops - just kidding, these are for clothing displays!And this is Briar - a very cool dog that the owners bring to work with them everyday. He is like a rug.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sept 12th - Origami in Laurelhurst Park

Amiee of NewroticGirl

hm... I think I ate too many sweets today :) hurt my tummy! There was cupcakes galor! Orange cupcakes(i ate two - they were little :) they had candy-corns on top! There were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes too! Oh and the warm cranberry orange bread (fresh from the oven!), home baked brownies, lemonade with frozen hand picked berries, chex mix and parsnip chips. what a party! yeah I know, the parsnip chips didn't really fit, I must admit I was the one who brought those, and they were pretty strange, kinda bitter.

Anyhow - Laurelhurst Park and origami. It was kinda overcast and rainy. Strange, the weather said it would be 80 and 0% chance of percipitation. Ah well, we tucked ourselves under a tree in the park on a picnic bench, busted out the orange table cloth and made a whole huge mess. it was great. thanx ladies for a great time as usual!

Molly of NyankoChan.etsy is leaving Saturday for Japan where she is going to be studying in Tokyo for a year! How thrilling. She mentioned there may even be an opportunity to study with a traditional woodblock studio or some other traditional art form there - how amazing! Well, I for one hope she has a great time - the party was lots of fun. I know she must be crazy busy with getting ready to leave!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Laurelhurst Park Goodness

Etsy Tea Time in Laurelhurst Park

Sept 6th - it was a bopping good time - crafting goodness galore!

pictured to the left: Danielle making boxes for packaging (so cute!)

When I first arrived Lea was taking pictures in the perfect sunny yet cloudy outdoor light. I had to take pictures of her DIY setup - its brilliant. Cut the sides out of a box and tape on velum/tissue or some other semi-translucent paper, take outside for natural lighting:

I went and took some pictures of the lake in Laurelhurst... its just so beautiful, with all the ducks and Oregon lush goodness. Its particularily overgrown with algae at the moment though, so its kindof neon. And its roped off so people don't continue to throw bread to the cute ducks... thats what offset the algae balance problem...

Lots of people came today! Myself, Lea, Danielle, Judi, Mel, Jessi and her two youngest, Eliza, Sam, Audrey and her mom, Aimee and Mary. Whew thats a mouthful, and a lotta links! (please convo me reminders for links that i got wrong or forgot)

Crafting Goodness was happening right and left, there was felting and knitting, metalworking, paper-folding, popcorn eatting, lemondade making, trunk show planning... oh and I did a little mobile making.

Here you can see me showing off my brilliant new earrings from
MissPurl - and how they most amazingly and perfectly match the orange/red ring that I recently made myself. I am obsessed with orange. What better color of ring to make myself!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Making Promo Bags

Tea time was lovely - isn't it always!!! (especially Etsy style tea time!)

Today we met up in Laurelhurst Park. It was a beautiful day. We sat around the orange table cloth and chatted. Aimee brought the most yummy treats - much including lemonade turned purple with fresh picked (by her!) frozen Chester black berries... ummmmmm

We made promo bags for the exciting upcoming Etsy End of the Summer Sale out in Lincoln City. The bags are awesome! Pins and stickers and bookmarks and beads, moo cards and other business cards and fliers galor - oh these are some tempting little promotional bags to hand out. So many goodies - ah the traffic we will drive to our Etsy stores! We outdid ourselves if you ask me! And I picked up more cards and buttons to include from Mary on the way home.

It was also our honor to have the chance to celebrate for LittlePutBooks. We are all stoked for Ryan achieving a landmark in sales - 3000 - in under a year! She is an amazing and generous friend - its awesome that her goodness is rewarded on Etsy with such sucess. Kudos!

So... we are all very excited about the success of last weekend's BOGO sale and this upcoming beach sale out in Lincoln City. Its looking to be a great event - good luck everyone this weekend!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Field Trip to the Museum of Contemporary Craft

Myself (LeahPellegrini), Judi (CurlyGirlGlass), Lea (Leakarts) and Aimee(NewroticGirl) met up at the Museum of Contemporary Craft for a field trip.

New building

the artwork was wonderful! Heres the group of us posing outside for a picture

We also went and checked out the museum next door - the Prints and Photography - awesome work displayed within! And there was this strange installation in the back that had a red button on it that said "END THE WORLD" and it was plugged in and sounding staticy... I couldn't help myself... I had to push the button! Its art for goodness sakes! And there was another button underneath that said "CHANGE YOUR MIND" I pushed that one too. :) I got Judi to take pictures!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

U-Pick on Sauvie's Island

Oh my what fuN!
Picking Fruit at Krugers Farm - we picked rasberries, strawberries and tomatoes

we wandered the big farm tasting the goodness

we even dragged around an old red wagon to hold our booty

no camera was involved though! Mine was out of batteries, Gina's was out of memory. Go figure. so then we got out out the cell phones and started taking shots with them.

If anyone else has any good shots from their phones, email them to me: artist@leahglass.com

pictured here is Gina's (sparrowfish) awesome son checkin out the cell phone camera action, and in the background you can see rasberry bushes and Etsians(curlygirlglass and newroticgirl) trying to take pictures with their cellphones:

and then before we left (and may I say - I took home over 6 pints of picked rasberries to make some jam and it only cost $5!!!!)

we went and picked some flowers - a whole bucket of them. it was awesome - Dalias mostly, and a few sunflowers - sorry about the fuzzy picture - again, it was taken with a cell phone :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


We made acorn people at tea time this thursday - it was a blast.
From the far left, you've got Mr. Etsy and his fan club Betsy and Corney.

Carelia and her son brought the supplies to make acorn people.

And we made promo bags for the upcoming show this Saturday (for details check out PDXEtsy.com)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Picnic in Laurelhust Park

Picnicing in the park with Etsy ladies (+ kiddos) was a blast!

Here some of us are - chillin' by the Pond
click here for a link to the forum thread to see who was there

There was a lot of great show n' tell...

Tasty picnic munchies (scones, popcorn, chocolate and both pumpkin and blueberry bread!)

And best of all - lots of crafting!

we had some good fun with wool (above there is a sock and a purse being created) I played with some felting - this was a first for me! what fun!

Elaine brought a whole huge bunch of lavendar from her farm to share with us!

now all our cars smell good!

I busted out a few pairs of pliers and a bunch of glass bits on wire - the kiddos got to make mobiles! It was good times for all - beautiful mobiles were handcrafted by mini hands (and a few adults) and each and every one was a masterpiece! I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of all the kids and their creations!

look at what fun these kids are having!

Masterpieces! I will try and remember to keep taking pictures - so to not be so lazy about this blog!