Friday, August 31, 2007

Making Promo Bags

Tea time was lovely - isn't it always!!! (especially Etsy style tea time!)

Today we met up in Laurelhurst Park. It was a beautiful day. We sat around the orange table cloth and chatted. Aimee brought the most yummy treats - much including lemonade turned purple with fresh picked (by her!) frozen Chester black berries... ummmmmm

We made promo bags for the exciting upcoming Etsy End of the Summer Sale out in Lincoln City. The bags are awesome! Pins and stickers and bookmarks and beads, moo cards and other business cards and fliers galor - oh these are some tempting little promotional bags to hand out. So many goodies - ah the traffic we will drive to our Etsy stores! We outdid ourselves if you ask me! And I picked up more cards and buttons to include from Mary on the way home.

It was also our honor to have the chance to celebrate for LittlePutBooks. We are all stoked for Ryan achieving a landmark in sales - 3000 - in under a year! She is an amazing and generous friend - its awesome that her goodness is rewarded on Etsy with such sucess. Kudos!

So... we are all very excited about the success of last weekend's BOGO sale and this upcoming beach sale out in Lincoln City. Its looking to be a great event - good luck everyone this weekend!


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