Thursday, May 31, 2007

The First Tea Time

Tea Time March 14th 2007

First ever Tea Time. What a blast. It was myself, Ryan (LittlePutBooks) and Mary (PrettyThingsJewelry).

The story is this: I love tea - I drink it all day. And I love Etsy. I saw the EtsyLabs has a Tea Time there in NY and jealousy got me thinking... we could have one here in Portland! And Ryan is my most amazing friend and Etsy Cheerleader - she urged me to post on the forums for a Portland Tea Time... that is how it all began.

My boyfriend is tired of hearing about Etsy (although to his credit, he has his own Etsy account- for shopping - and he buys me nice gifts like fudge) - so its a great pleasure to have get-togethers with other Etsy sellers who also find it a sheer pleasure to chit chat for hours about Etsy.

I am a glass artist/instructor, and at the studio I work in N. Portland one of the big crafting tables is covered in orange rubber. How fantastically Etsy is that!

The first tea time was wonderful!


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