Thursday, May 31, 2007

PDX Etsy on the Front Page!!

May 30th, 2007


how exciting - we were featured on the front page... the pictures are of work is made by an assortment of the artists that will be participating in the upcoming show!

Tea Time Discussion: Upcoming Show!

Tea Time: April 5th 2007

Today we had a great turn out
myself, Mary(PrettyThingsJewelry), Ryan(LittlePutBooks), Kaitlyn(DiscoMedusa) plus Corbin and a friend, Beck(Daisy Chains), Jennifer(PunkyKids) and Kristen(Urbana) - if I am leaving anyone out - I am so sorry - I am writing this after the fact and trying to remember who was there... please let me know who I slipped.

lots of discussion for the upcoming show (June 9th!!! - PDX Etsy Street Team will be representing in the Portland State Park blocks that Saturday) Kristin gave us a lot of information. Big shout outs go to Kristen and Adrienne for planning the show - they rock!!!


Helpful Hints for Etsy Sellers

by our own most fabulously wonderful Etsy Cheerleader - LittlePutBooks (Ryan)

check out this great blog: LittlePut Tips

its filled with helpful hints, awesome photos, and its just generally a great read... gotta check it out

Field Trip: the Rebuilding Center PDX

Tea Time April 20th, 2007

Field Trip!

Corinna(Piddix) gave us the most wonderful tour of the Rebuilding Center - Thank you so much!!! This was awesome, informative and inspirational. I even picked up this super cool wooden screen that looks great with my mobiles hanging in it. It makes a fabulous display for vending! isn't it sweet! It was a steal at only $5 (there is a hinge broken - but I love it none the less!)

To find out more about the field trip - or to check out tons of pictures:

click here



Fabulous Tea

We've been having the most fabulous tea at Tea Time!

Check out the pictures at flickr

click here

Skill Share #1

Tea Time April 12th 2007

This tea time was so much fun! Danielle (MissPurl) showed us how to make these cute little boxes. I've been making them ever since! They are adorable - and the most fantastic use of old pictures!

I showed how to make greeting cards out of old calendars. It was a good time had by all. There is a post about it with a great skill share if you are interested in learning how to make either of these projects!

Recycling Old Calenders
Act 1: Greeting Cards
Act 2: Little Boxes

The First Tea Time

Tea Time March 14th 2007

First ever Tea Time. What a blast. It was myself, Ryan (LittlePutBooks) and Mary (PrettyThingsJewelry).

The story is this: I love tea - I drink it all day. And I love Etsy. I saw the EtsyLabs has a Tea Time there in NY and jealousy got me thinking... we could have one here in Portland! And Ryan is my most amazing friend and Etsy Cheerleader - she urged me to post on the forums for a Portland Tea Time... that is how it all began.

My boyfriend is tired of hearing about Etsy (although to his credit, he has his own Etsy account- for shopping - and he buys me nice gifts like fudge) - so its a great pleasure to have get-togethers with other Etsy sellers who also find it a sheer pleasure to chit chat for hours about Etsy.

I am a glass artist/instructor, and at the studio I work in N. Portland one of the big crafting tables is covered in orange rubber. How fantastically Etsy is that!

The first tea time was wonderful!