Thursday, August 16, 2007

U-Pick on Sauvie's Island

Oh my what fuN!
Picking Fruit at Krugers Farm - we picked rasberries, strawberries and tomatoes

we wandered the big farm tasting the goodness

we even dragged around an old red wagon to hold our booty

no camera was involved though! Mine was out of batteries, Gina's was out of memory. Go figure. so then we got out out the cell phones and started taking shots with them.

If anyone else has any good shots from their phones, email them to me:

pictured here is Gina's (sparrowfish) awesome son checkin out the cell phone camera action, and in the background you can see rasberry bushes and Etsians(curlygirlglass and newroticgirl) trying to take pictures with their cellphones:

and then before we left (and may I say - I took home over 6 pints of picked rasberries to make some jam and it only cost $5!!!!)

we went and picked some flowers - a whole bucket of them. it was awesome - Dalias mostly, and a few sunflowers - sorry about the fuzzy picture - again, it was taken with a cell phone :)


littleputbooks said...

looks like it was a blast! (ps I linked you to the skills share blog :O) )

PDX Etsy Tea Time said...

it was sweet!!!

sparrowfish said...

it was sweet! i am only sorry we had to dash out so soon....