Thursday, August 23, 2007

Field Trip to the Museum of Contemporary Craft

Myself (LeahPellegrini), Judi (CurlyGirlGlass), Lea (Leakarts) and Aimee(NewroticGirl) met up at the Museum of Contemporary Craft for a field trip.

New building

the artwork was wonderful! Heres the group of us posing outside for a picture

We also went and checked out the museum next door - the Prints and Photography - awesome work displayed within! And there was this strange installation in the back that had a red button on it that said "END THE WORLD" and it was plugged in and sounding staticy... I couldn't help myself... I had to push the button! Its art for goodness sakes! And there was another button underneath that said "CHANGE YOUR MIND" I pushed that one too. :) I got Judi to take pictures!

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