Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sept 20th - Field Trip!!!

Portland Oregon Tea Time
Thursday Sept 20th - 11am

FIELD TRIP to Portland Fixtures!
This local place is an awesome resource to our micro businesses! Portland Fixtures is dedicated to selling used and new retail equipment at the best prices possible. They are self-described as crazy and I think they are a truly fun place to shop!

Aimee(Newroticgirl.etsy) gave us all free samples of minty bath salts - umm yummy! Thanks!

A whole bunch of us met up (myself, bluejayecrafts, mmmfiber, urbana, tinymeat, curlygirlglass, spinnerin, misspurl, and newroticgirl) and had an afternoon field trip that rocked our socks! :)

Joanne from Portland Fixtures gave us a tour - two full buildings (I had previously only been in one!) crammed with retail fixtures of all kinds. What fun. I like the odds and ends section the best. This was the first time I walked thru that section without buying something - patted myself on the back! They have everything....
We went out to Bakery Bar around the corner to continue to chit chat etsy and have a nice little lunch, but not without wandering the warehouse for a while... they just have everything... including hulahoops - just kidding, these are for clothing displays!And this is Briar - a very cool dog that the owners bring to work with them everyday. He is like a rug.


Aimee said...

I *loved* Briar... I wanted to get down on the floor and take a nap with him. What a huge fuzz pile he is! Too bad the other puppy (can't remember the name) was so shy... only got to see her at a distance.

Adrienne said...

That was a great field trip! I was glad to be able to make it down. Thanks for putting it together.