Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sept 12th - Origami in Laurelhurst Park

Amiee of NewroticGirl

hm... I think I ate too many sweets today :) hurt my tummy! There was cupcakes galor! Orange cupcakes(i ate two - they were little :) they had candy-corns on top! There were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes too! Oh and the warm cranberry orange bread (fresh from the oven!), home baked brownies, lemonade with frozen hand picked berries, chex mix and parsnip chips. what a party! yeah I know, the parsnip chips didn't really fit, I must admit I was the one who brought those, and they were pretty strange, kinda bitter.

Anyhow - Laurelhurst Park and origami. It was kinda overcast and rainy. Strange, the weather said it would be 80 and 0% chance of percipitation. Ah well, we tucked ourselves under a tree in the park on a picnic bench, busted out the orange table cloth and made a whole huge mess. it was great. thanx ladies for a great time as usual!

Molly of NyankoChan.etsy is leaving Saturday for Japan where she is going to be studying in Tokyo for a year! How thrilling. She mentioned there may even be an opportunity to study with a traditional woodblock studio or some other traditional art form there - how amazing! Well, I for one hope she has a great time - the party was lots of fun. I know she must be crazy busy with getting ready to leave!

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Danielle said...

Thanks All it was a blast!