Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sept 27 - Tea Time in Laurelhurst Park

Sept 27th - the weather was great for an orange Etsy picnic!

We packed one little picnic table with all sorts of munchies and Etsiers.

present for tea: myself, Danielle, Lea, Jaynette, Judi, Aimee, Audrey, Fran and Kirsten

and Kana, Moose and Lolly (all beloved and very cute dogs) joined us as well! (sorry if I spelled any names wrong)

This time we had some carrots and apples to go along with all the brownies, cookies and popcorn - or and there was candy-corn (it is nearly October now, seems okay to indulge on candy-corn)

I must mention again that the weather rocked. We crafted, we chatted and we generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly until some leaf blowers came around and made a big dirt/dust storm... so we went our separate ways then to get back to work.

Usually I am taking all the pictures, but there was a moment Danielle grabbed the camera and got a few shots of me -I prefer being behind the camera - but occasionally there is evidence of my presence in the pictures :) Here I am showing off one of my little computer mobiles holding it up to the side of a cup - I was assembling some. In front of me you can see ziplock baggies of freshly baked cookies that Fran brought and homebaked brownies (with tofu so they were low in fat yet tasty just the same!) that Jaynette brought.

And then the last picture is of Aimee - her dogs pulled her over and it was just a great shot!


Bobbie said...

How fun! A tea party in the park. I have always enjoyed hosting tea parties for friends and family. I really love serving green tea at our parties.

Kevin said...

love tea....last great buy at www.teacuppa.com got thier amazing blooming flower white tea

Aimee said...

Heeheehee... three butts in the camera!

LeaKarts said...

Yay teatime! It's always a blast with you ladies :)