Thursday, July 26, 2007

Picnic in Laurelhust Park

Picnicing in the park with Etsy ladies (+ kiddos) was a blast!

Here some of us are - chillin' by the Pond
click here for a link to the forum thread to see who was there

There was a lot of great show n' tell...

Tasty picnic munchies (scones, popcorn, chocolate and both pumpkin and blueberry bread!)

And best of all - lots of crafting!

we had some good fun with wool (above there is a sock and a purse being created) I played with some felting - this was a first for me! what fun!

Elaine brought a whole huge bunch of lavendar from her farm to share with us!

now all our cars smell good!

I busted out a few pairs of pliers and a bunch of glass bits on wire - the kiddos got to make mobiles! It was good times for all - beautiful mobiles were handcrafted by mini hands (and a few adults) and each and every one was a masterpiece! I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of all the kids and their creations!

look at what fun these kids are having!

Masterpieces! I will try and remember to keep taking pictures - so to not be so lazy about this blog!

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