Monday, June 30, 2008

Tea Time in Laurelhust Park

So its supposed to be kinda partly cloudy on Thursday again, but I say lets have tea time in the park regardless. So I will be there :)

Last week was lovely. The sun came out just as we were packing up. But it was a beautiful day. Lots of photos were being taken. New Etsy seller Jonathan Poe ( needed some shots of his beautiful lampworked beads on a model, so he took pictures while we were all out there. I was just snooping around his shop and its fun to see the results!

And I am eager to hear about the Park Block Farmers Market show, so it will be good to get to chat. Same time and place as last week.


Amanda said...

Too bad that's such a *terrible* picture of me!! Lea's pic looks great though. :)

I'll try really hard to make it this week... I'm getting slammed with summer orders, which is sort of unusual, but not at all unpleasant. ;)

LeaKarts said...

Oh, I think your picture is great Amanda! It was fun being a model for an afternoon :)

I'll be there, too, probably with Indigo.