Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tea Time in Laurelhust Park

UPDATE: Okay, its too cold today - maybe next week :)

this is a picture of Lea (LeakArts.etsy) using the natural light in the park to take some pictures!

Tea Time in the park! Last year we would have so much fun. I am stoked at the thought that we might have good enough weather to meet outside.

If the weather permits: tea time will be in the park this week

heres a link to Laurelhurst Park

park along Ankeny (the North side of the park) and look around the grassy area North of the lake ... I will bring an orange table cloth to put over a picnic table, so if you don't know me or if you've never been to Tea Time before, look for the orange table cloth.

Thursday 11am
Laurelhurst Park

And hey - bring stuff to get crafty while we chit chat!

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